Our Story



Underpinned by decades of experience in providing for the technology needs of organisations Smartdeskers was born in 2017. Developed through a desire to provide practical tools to help businesses understand their workplace occupancy needs.  A tool that puts people back in control of their workplace.

Our learning and expertise has therefore developed and refined over time. As a result of seeing businesses grapple to meet the needs of an ever changing workforce and whilst supporting many clients to move their offices. Time and time again we were asked to ensure their staff could work ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’. However, it became clear that to ensure the workplace occupancy solutions were to be long term, agile and sustainable  -that more was needed as questions of under or over utilisation of space would quickly arise.

Months of research, planning and development have paved the way for the start of Smartdeskers bringing a new approach to the modern workplace. A pioneering technology that goes beyond workplace occupancy monitoring and sensors.  Instead, Smartdeskers offers a full solution from conception, through analysis and design to management. Most importantly Smartdeskers enables organisations to predict, prepare and react to challenges faster and smarter. Smartdeskers gives you the tools to maximise office efficiency and enhance workplace productivity.

We can analyse current workplace occupancy and provide recommendations for efficient utilisation of your office space. Most importantly we can support the HR needs, the design, build and fit to ensure your workspace adapts to the best fit for your future.

Smartdeskers truly upgrades the concept of a hot desk to that of a future proof smart desk.


‘Working with SmartDeskers has really allowed us to realise the under utilisation of our open spaces.
As a result we are making real and positive changes to enable more of our members to work comfortably within our office space.’

Deborah, LCCI


‘Really impressed with SmartDeskers from initial consultation and set up. Most importantly this has been followed up with on going support whilst we collect our data. SmartDeskers have given superior advice on how to best manage the data results and put solutions into practice.’

Paul, Director


This has been more than an occupancy exercise. Working with Smartdeskers has really enabled us to see how we can use and manage our office differently.

This has proved to be an invaluable project.


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