The Connected Workplace


Today’s rapidly changing business environment needs an ever connected workplace and is forcing companies to think in radical new ways. Digital disruption keeps each one us constantly connected and has shrunk the world down to the size of the technology we carry in our pocket. Access and reach are at an all-time high giving employee’s greater flexibility and the desire to work in less rigid workplaces.

Technological advances mean employees are no longer required to sit at a specific desk to perform a specific task. The new connected workplace sees employees accessing work anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

‘Almost 50% of business people work remotely for 2.5 days a week or more.’ (Statista, 2017)

To capitalise on this transformation, new mindsets and new capabilities are needed. Business will succeed through a shift to an achievement-based monitoring model. By moving away from an internal only workforce and by supporting management to look toward productivity over hours worked as measures of success for the future.

‘Businesses that adapt to a new mindset will enjoy new found agility.’

The Connected Workplace

Smartdeskers believe that by encouraging this new world of world and embracing the connected workplace, the benefits to business are many:

  • Shape Shifting Spaces through effective and data driven occupancy management the office can become a cost saving flexible space – reshaping and re purposing to meet the needs of the workforce in situ.
  • Flexible Talent by focussing on achievement over hours worked increases job satisfaction whilst the business becomes highly regarded and in demand of the most talented and qualified workers.
  • Agile Workforce by respecting a positive home/work life balance for employees through flexible hours, flexible workplaces and remote working – employees benefit from greater control over their lives, increased productivity and reduced retention.
  • Skill Driven stepping aside from the dogmatic approach of employing purely full time in office positions opens up a wealth of highly qualified and specialised workers, freelancers and ‘supertemps’ that can bring real expertise, deep thought and focussed dedicated project -based work to the business needs that would be otherwise be too expensive to employ.

Through an open platform, Smartdeskers gives your business the expertise and technology needed to transition into a fully agile workplace. From desk monitoring analysis, online and accessible room booking systems, HR policy support and work-space re-evaluation, Smartdeskers can provide scaled intensive support to help your business win in today’s rapidly changing business environment and create your own connected workplace.