Workspace Solutions


Your Workspace

The office environment as we know it is changing. The idea of a fixed desk is an outdated concept, the future is flexible working. Smart Deskers can help you evaluate your current working environment, transform your work space to an agile environment that not only saves you money but also suits your organisation.  We can also provide you with the platform by which to manage this environment going forward and help you save money on work space whilst increasing employee happiness and productivity.

People Management

Employee mentality is changing.  Balancing work and family is more important than salary for many workers. Employers can value their employees by acknowledging that their employees have priorities outside the workplace. Thus, giving employees greater flexibility is one way for companies to show they value employees’ time and commitment.  Moving to a more flexible working environment also allows employers to constantly evaluate their employee’s performance as the management of workers needs to shift to an achievement-based model.

Reducing Costs

The average cost of a desk in London is £16k, add in the average salary of a worker and the cost of a desk in London is around the £50k mark. When you take into account that on average an office worker spends 55% of their working life at their desk companies could easily be 30% more efficient when it comes to capacity planning and space utilisation, we help companies achieve these savings

Manage & Maintain

The management of this new work space is just as important as the transformation, if the change is not managed and maintained then no organisation can expect to see all of the benefits of a truly agile environment.  Smart Deskers provide a platform to easily deliver the data needed to make informed decisions about managing an agile work space.